Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fog Bank for February 20, 2012

Hello, WeatherBrains listeners, welcome to the Fog Bank, keeping Weatherbrains fog horn free for JB.
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Christopher Waits, @lostweatherguy, sent me the link to
NOAA Central Library US Daily Weather Maps Project

The February 16 Earth Science picture of the day has a great picture and explanation of the science behind a split sunset

Space had an interesting picture of the Feb. 14-15 Aurora, from a US Dept. of Defense Meteorological Program satellite has an article on a great Aurora display that wasn't expected

From the USGS Water Science for Schools page, an article on raindrop shape.  While falling, the shape depends upon the size.  I can tell you from personal experience though, that when you're skydiving, and falling at 120mph, and you fall through raindrops, they FEEL like they have a pointy end, and they hurt!

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out!

The link I sent to JB
Here's another great picture of the Aurora, this one from Sweden

Audio file

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fog Bank for Feb. 13, 2012

I guess James Spann punished me for being late with last week's Fog Bank; he couldn't stick around to play this week's segment during their recording of WeatherBrains.  I think they may play this next week.

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Starting out this week, I've got a youtube video from David Brown, NOAA Regional Climate Service Director for Southern Region, on the Texas drought

There is a Google+ account called 'Earth' posted a picture from Steve Milner, of the aurora over Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.
Before you click on this link, pause, clear your mind, and enjoy this stunning display.

Next up, from Chuck Prevatte, weather links for kids

#tristatewx posted a pic of some fog on  Feb 04 - Massac County, IL - as it formed...

I'll close out this week with a link from the Astronomy Picture of the Day for Feb. 9.  It's a great video of the Aurora

Fog Bank Audio

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fog Bank for Feb. 6, 2012

I apologize for the delay; I was able to listen to Weatherbrains live last week, and forgot to put this up.
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This weeks picks are all pics, pictures, that is.

Earth Science picture of the day for Jan. 30 had a great photo of lenticular clouds over the Rockies

Yet another great photo of a lenticular cloud formation, this one posted on Google+ by Catherine Laplace-Builhe

Pictures of Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds will always make it to my picks.  This one comes from DanielEllam, of the Les Arcs ski resort in Switzerland

Brad Panovich posted a link to Jim Loznicka's page, with pictures of Kelvin-Helmholtz over Panama City, FL, on Feb 6.  There has been some discussion that they might not be true Kelvin-Helmholz clouds, but great looking, regardless.

I'll close out this week with an amazing contrail photo, from @weathermandoug9

Fog Bank Audio