Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fog Bank, Nov. 4, 2013

First up,
From KOPN in Columbia, MO, a blog post and reference to research at NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) that may enable longer-term forecasting of US heatwave
The NCAR release

The Astronomy Picture of the Day, for Halloween, had a great aurora photo

A photo taken in NYC of the partial solar eclipse, Sun. Nov. 3

My fourth pick comes from the
Capital Weather Gang with a compilation of photos of the solar eclipse

I'll close out with a very pretty double rainbow picture, but after getting snared by the lightning struck sand photo, I'm not going to call it real.
Is this double rainbow picture real?
Michael Seger@MichaelSeger 9:58 AM
Wow!! RT @bbcweather A double rainbow captured by Paul Appleby in Shiremoor. Jo W

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For JB.
Panorama photo of a roll cloud in Amarillo TX
Texas Storm Chasers@TxStormChasers 10:18 AM
Roll cloud along the cold front south of Amarillo this morning, from Daniel Keith. #txwx

Audio Fog Bank

Fog Bank, October 28, 2013

First pick was a photo posted on Twitter, taken from an airplane. Great photo of gravity waves, from above the clouds

ntxweathersooner@ntxweathersoonr 12:07 AM
Gravity waves“ @HighDriveK9: Clouds looked like ocean waves this morning high above @dfwairport” @NWSFortWorth

My second pick comes from
ESPOD with an Aurora photo, and an interesting guest

Third I have Chuck Doswell's comments on the Mike Morgan interview

Fourth, A 2011 picture of Kelvin Helmholz clouds
Georgia Storm Chaser@StormCoker 11:48 AM
These rare "tsunami clouds" form under certain air turbulence! Taken in Birmingham, AL in 2011! #WeatherWednesday

Fifth, Ginger Zee retweeted an interesting cloud photo, taken in Princeton, Nj, with the comment "Take your guesses"
Ginger Zee@Ginger_Zee 10:13 AM
Take your guesses! MT“ @carterromero23: @Ginger_Zee @RiderUnivComm Princeton, NJ. #Namethatcloud

For JB
A video from OceanToday about Hurricane Sandy