Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fog Bank, October 22, 2012

Caught up!

Chip Redmond posted an article on Tornado Titans about moisture and its role in thunderstorms.

NOAA Weather Partners released one of their Bite Sized Science videos about phased array weather radar
There's also an article that has more information

USGS Water Science School has a nice page on rain information

Jared Rennie (@jjrennie) sent a link to http://www.cyclonecenter.org/#/about, a project to crowd source analysis of past hurricanes.  It seems very interesting.

The Earth Observatory has a nice article on the positioning of the GOES satellites when GOES-13 developed problems.
Now that GOES-13 is back online, do they leave 14 where it is, or do they expend the fuel to put it back into its standby orbit?

My Pick for JB
A great cloud photo from Earth Science Picture of the Day last Friday

Fog Bank, October 17, 2012

I missed Oct. 1 & 8.

This week's Fog Bank is only going to have three picks, because I'm going to editorialize a bit at the end.

First, Dan Satterfield has a post at the American Geophysical Union blog about NOAA weather satellite funding

CIMSS had a post on the coverage from polar orbiting satellites during the GOES-13 outage

My final pick for this week is all about CoCoRaHS.  
I know we have a lot of folks listening to the show that are in, or have close contacts with, media outlets.  My first challenge to you is to setup your own CoCoRaHS gauge at your stations, and start putting those reports on your broadcasts and on your station websites.

My second challenge is for you to work with community organizations, and start getting CoCoRaHS stations setup at schools.  This is a great opportunity to do some science outreach in our schools, and get the school kids interested in science, math, and specifically, meteorology.

If you get one setup, let me know, and I will mention it on the Fog Bank.

Fog Bank, September 24, 2012

First up, the web comic xkcd (which is not always safe for work) has a feature called "what if".  This week, the author wrote "what if all of the rain from a storm fell as a single drop."  I think you'll like it.

John Morales sent out a tweet with a link to the Capital Weather Gang, with a guest op-ed article on the NWS

My third pick came from Michael W. Moss, @mossgrowth on Twitter, with a link to his Google Hangout interview with Jacob Wycoff from Weatherbug about their products: youtu.be/MkXPu2fIAJA

Fourth, I have a rerun, with a pitch for CoCoRaHS.  Last week's rain in the US Atlantic states was a pretty interesting event.  I only had .2 ", while the airport in my town, 5 miles east, had 1.4".  More CoCoRaHS coverage will help refine the data to show that kind of localized difference.

My final pick for this week is from Brad Panovich with a graphic showing a neat pattern of record high and low temperatures for the week of Sept. 17
Thanks for listening, 
Skydaver out.

My Pick for JB
With the GOES-13 satellite problems this week, the NOAA Satellite Services Division is a good resource for weather satellite details.  In the time since I created this edition for WeatherBrains, GOES-13 has been fixed and is back online.

Fog Bank, September 17, 2012

I didn't have a Fog Bank for September 10.

First up, the website for the weather network in Canada (retweeted by former weatherbrains guest Jaclyn Whittal)
@weathernetwork www.theweathernetwork.com

Second, the NHC had a press release on Saffir-Simpson and storm surge scale and future warnings

Earth Science Picture of the Day is a frequent part of the Fog Bank; here is a nice picture of
Lenticular clouds at Mount McKinley

The fourth pick is from NOAA Weather partners, with a short video about the Storm Prediction Center

Finally, the season is changing, and accuweather has a blog post about the first snow coming in the Colorado Rockies

Thanks for listening, 
Skydaver out.

My Pick for JB:
The Earth Observatory website has some great images from Hurricane Isabel, 9 years ago this week.

Fog Bank, September 4, 2012

Yoiks, I've fallen behind here.

First up, Scott Dimmich of WKRC Cincinnati, @scottdimmich, has a short youtube video of the Dual Pol Radar upgrade in Wilmington, OH.

My second pick is from AccuWeather's Jesse Ferrel, with a couple of Tweets to send Facebook photos of some flash flooding in Philadelphia today, and of a pyrocumulus cloud from NWS Alaska's Facebook page
http://goo.gl/5ipY3 (Pyrocumulus)
http://goo.gl/9uQbP (flooding)

Third, the Washington Post has a new design to their Weatherpage.  (There is  a starting advertisement that you will have to  click through)

Number four this week Bryan Norcross' blog at weather underground, discussing Isaac, warnings, and Plaquemines Parish.

My final pick this week is a discussion from UCAR on hurricane storm surge & category rating

My pick for JB:
A blog and photo essay of a storm at the Reflecting Pool in Washington DC, from Ian Livingstone of the Capital Weather Gang