Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fog Bank, Nov. 4, 2013

First up,
From KOPN in Columbia, MO, a blog post and reference to research at NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) that may enable longer-term forecasting of US heatwave
The NCAR release

The Astronomy Picture of the Day, for Halloween, had a great aurora photo

A photo taken in NYC of the partial solar eclipse, Sun. Nov. 3

My fourth pick comes from the
Capital Weather Gang with a compilation of photos of the solar eclipse

I'll close out with a very pretty double rainbow picture, but after getting snared by the lightning struck sand photo, I'm not going to call it real.
Is this double rainbow picture real?
Michael Seger@MichaelSeger 9:58 AM
Wow!! RT @bbcweather A double rainbow captured by Paul Appleby in Shiremoor. Jo W

Thanks for listening,

For JB.
Panorama photo of a roll cloud in Amarillo TX
Texas Storm Chasers@TxStormChasers 10:18 AM
Roll cloud along the cold front south of Amarillo this morning, from Daniel Keith. #txwx

Audio Fog Bank

Fog Bank, October 28, 2013

First pick was a photo posted on Twitter, taken from an airplane. Great photo of gravity waves, from above the clouds

ntxweathersooner@ntxweathersoonr 12:07 AM
Gravity waves“ @HighDriveK9: Clouds looked like ocean waves this morning high above @dfwairport” @NWSFortWorth

My second pick comes from
ESPOD with an Aurora photo, and an interesting guest

Third I have Chuck Doswell's comments on the Mike Morgan interview

Fourth, A 2011 picture of Kelvin Helmholz clouds
Georgia Storm Chaser@StormCoker 11:48 AM
These rare "tsunami clouds" form under certain air turbulence! Taken in Birmingham, AL in 2011! #WeatherWednesday

Fifth, Ginger Zee retweeted an interesting cloud photo, taken in Princeton, Nj, with the comment "Take your guesses"
Ginger Zee@Ginger_Zee 10:13 AM
Take your guesses! MT“ @carterromero23: @Ginger_Zee @RiderUnivComm Princeton, NJ. #Namethatcloud

For JB
A video from OceanToday about Hurricane Sandy

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fog Bank, October 21, 2013

Wow, I've fallen behind.  Work & travel have made it tough to keep up with the Kevin Selle challenge.

OTOH, I'm still making the Fog Bank, and Kevin is missing. Come back to WeatherBrains, Kevin!

First up, the
Capital Weather Gang took a detailed look at AccuWeather's 45 day forecast accuracy

My next pick comes from
Garrett Bedebaugh, @wxgarrett on Twitter, from Columbia, SC, posted a photo of a Kelvin-Helmholz cloud

I've got a great lightning photo from Hawaii, posted to Twitter by Aaron Landry, @s4xton Fun to see some lightning this morning. #hiwx cc: @firebomb56 

Jason Samenow posted to the Capital Weather Gang about the mechanics of the storm affecting the MidAtlantic & NE. during the week of Oct. 7

I'll close out with a photo that Matt Sitowski from the Weather Channel put onto Twitter, with some  meteorologist apparel
 @MattSitkowski Yeah #Friday

For JB
The Cloud Appreciation Society retweeted a photo from a scientist in Antarctica, of some altocumulus clouds he saw the other day.
RT @8ryd3n: #altocumulus clouds in Antarctica @CloudAppSoc

Audio Fog Bank

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fog Bank, September 23, 2013

Hello Weather Brains listeners, this is Dave Phillips, skydaver on Twitter, back from a long vacation to the Pacific Northwest, where we enjoyed sunny days for 10 of the 13 days we were there!

My first pick is the WeatherBug smartphone app.  It has a good looking interface and is easy to navigate.  I can't speak to its accuracy yet, but it certainly hasn't caused me to remove it from my phone.  The AccuWeather app is still on my phone, too.
Still waiting on WeatherMob for Android.

Second, I have a press release from NSSL about one of their technology teams

My third pick coms from Astronomy Picture of the Day, with a photo of a roll cloud in Wisconsin, taken 2007

Matt S, @wxboy, sent a link to a nice YouTube video.  It's a slideshow of supercell thunderstorm photos

Astronomy Picture of the Day has a nice picture of an annalemma. I won't explain what that is, you'll have to look at the photo, and figure it out.

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out.

Audio Fog Bank

Friday, August 30, 2013

Fog Bank, August 27, 2013

Hey there, Weather Brains listeners (and if you aren't, you should be!)  Thanks for checking out the Fog Bank.  You can send me links on Twitter, where I'm @skydaver, or just post them here as comments.

Mike Moss  sent a link of an interview he did with Susan Strom, who passed away in early August.
@spann @nsj @wxhistorian @HelenaWx @SkyDaver Tribute to Susan "Lightning Lady" Strom who died a few days ago

An article from EarthSky on the rainfall in the US Southeast this year.

Storm Geek@hamradioskywave 11:51 AM
Wind force unification scale, "Cade Kinetic Energy Factors": Compares Beaufort, Fujita, and Saffiir-Simpson:

I'll close with a set of different smart phone apps.
Yet another crowd sourcing weather app; this one seems to be a current conditions point of view, but I haven't fully explored it.
The app is called Weezoo. I'll provide the Google Play store link; I think it's also an iPhone app.  I haven't found it to be very engaging or informative.

WeatherCaster, another weather app for your smart phone.  Seems to be pretty good, with a nice main display of information, and a decent drill down.
When I first installed it, the app would crash half the time you brought it up. It does seem to be working better now.

The AccuWeather app is back on my phone.  I'd deleted it a while ago, after perceiving a gross error in current conditions reporting.  In retrospect, if I'm going to declare a weather app a crap app, I need to have specific details.  AccuWeather gets a second chance.  So far, so good.

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out.

For JB
From Earth Science Picture of The Day, a great picture of an Alpine Thunderstorm

Audio for Fog Bank

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fog Bank, August 19, 2013

My first pick this week is from ESPOD Circumhorizon Arc

Capital Weather Gang posted a set of nice pictures of mammatus clouds in the DC area, from Thursday, August 1

back to ESPOD with Crepuscular rays,

Mike Moss sent a link from the Capital Weather Gang, with another good story of lightning sprites.
I think he sent this to Nate, too.

Finally, I subscribe to a forum on risks to the public in computer and related systems.  Paul Fenimore sent in an item about the NWS website.  He wrote:

Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2013 09:23:48 -0600
From: Paul Fenimore <>
Subject: Easter Eggs in Infrastructure Software

The US National Weather Service's website <> returns a
forecast for Manhattan when the location "evil" is searched. Finding rogue
search results for a US Government service that is critical to safety is
concerning enough, but when I tried to make an HTTPS connection to the
National Weather Service's website to verify the "validity" of the results,
I immediately received a warning that the SSL certificate is invalid. The
cert was valid, but for Akami Technologies (07:27:A4:69), and was flagged
for possible hijacking of the connection.  The risks? Farming out important,
probably even critical, parts of the Weather Service's infrastructure with
loss of control or even knowledge of what is going on, the opportunity for
faked connections to, and the introduction of incorrect
behavior into critical code, probably for the sake of a very bad taste

Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, @skydaver 
Thanks for listening, Skydaver out.

Sent to JB
A great video on Astronomy Picture of the Day, showing Aurora & Noctilucent clouds
If you can send this video to your TV … do it!

Audio Fog Bank

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fog Bank, August 12, 2013

Welcome to the Fog Bank, everyone. Please follow me on Twitter, @skydaver.

First up,Jason Samenow of the Capital Weather Gang rips AccuWeather to shreds about their 45 day so-called 'forecast'

I had the Accuweather app on my phone, and when it gave current conditions that were totally inaccurate, I removed it.
If they can't get current conditions correct, how can they do 45 days?

Second, had an article about Red Sprites, a very high altitude electrical storms

Third, The WeatherNation Facebook page had a picture of thunderstorms taken from the International Space Station

The next pic came from Karen Nyberg, currently a resident aboard the international space station. She put a picture on Twitter of an clound formation she liked.
Karen L. Nyberg@AstroKarenN 5:50 PM 26 Jul
Never tire of finding shapes in the clouds! These look very botanical to me. Simply perfect. July 26.

I'll close with a picture from the MODIS satellite of cloud streets over the Bering Sea.

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out.

sent to JB
A webpage from a French storm chaser, showing some very nice lightning & cloud photos from a storm on July 26, 2013

Audio Fog Bank

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fog Bank, August 5, 2013

Hello fellow weather geeks, this is Dave Phillips. Follow me on Twitter, @skydaver. Tell your friends to follow me, too.

First pick is a bunch of different lightning photos, Capital Weather Gang, Reed Timmer, and the Great Falls and Albequerque offices of the NWS

Capital Weather Gang retweeted a great lightning photo from Kerri Patton@Kerri_lane 11:47 AM
Summer Storm over my home

A composite photo of lightning strikes, from the Great Falls Montana NWS office

Another lightning photo, this one posted on the NWS Albuquerque

Josh Alecci (@aleccijosh) tweeted a link from Reed Timmer of a lightning strike video in very close proximity to the camera

My second pick comes from Anthony Sagliani, a thunderstorm picture from Denver Digital Photography on Facebook.  Anthony wrote "Real, or manipulated?"

That sets up my third  pick, an article from the Capital Weather Gang about false weather photos in social media

Fourth, From the Earth Observatory twitter account, @NASA_EO, a picture from the Terra/MODIS satellite of a dust storm off Africa

I'll close with WeatherBug, and a short essay on Hawaii's relative lack of hurricanes

I guess when they wrote that, they didn't know that TS Flossie hit North Carolina last month, crossed all the way over the continent, managed to stay together over the Rockies, and back into the Pacific, where it was headed towards Hawaii.

Thanks for listening
Skydaver out.

Sent to JB
Earth Science Picture of the Day had a photo of waterspouts, plural, in the Adriatic Sea

Audio Fog Bank, August 05, 2013

Fog Bank, July 29, 2013

Hello Weather Brains listeners, this is Dave Phillips.   Don't forget to follow me, @skydaver on Twitter.  You might hear a little background noise; my windows are wide open, with a 56F dew point today.

Brad Panovic posted a neat twitter update last week. He wrote:
One of my favorite quirks of NC is that the driest & wettest locations are just one county apart

HT to George R. Chisenhall@grcjr for a tweet about
Hurricane Forecast Improvement Program products. Great information for tropical season. He sent that to Nate & me.

Space for July 18 had an entry on the calculated height of noctilucent clouds

A Washington Post article about radar gaps & downtime

What's the smell of rain?  WB guest Aubrey Urbanowicz has the answer in her blog.  It isn't Brian's old socks.

Thanks for listening,
Skydaver out.

Sent to JB
Capital Weather Gang with a nice explanation of pop up thunderstorms

Audio Fog Bank, July 29

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fog Bank, July 22, 2013

Hello Weatherbrains listeners, this is Dave Phillips. Please follow me on Twitter, @skydaver.  I follow back, but I'm stuck near the 2000 following mark.

First up, Astronomy Picture of the Day,  with a waterspout photo

My second pick is a blogpost by Brad Panovich about western NC rainfall totals .. almost 30" above average, lacking about 1/2 inch to reach average annual total.

Third is a book recommendation - I was out on the golf course in some gusty winds, which reminded me of "Defining the Wind: The Beaufort Scale, and How a 19th-Century Admiral Turned Science into Poetry"
by Scott Huler
available at book sellers everywhere

NOAA Weather Partners with a new video on Phased Array radars & PARISE, Phased Array Radar Innovative Sensing Experiment

My last pick is Ginger Zee's heatwave story.  I couldn't find that on the WeatherBrains page, so I've got it for you in the Fog Bank.
HT to Kevin Morris, who posted it to Google+

Bonus pick
ESPOD July 18 had Undulatus Asperatus Clouds

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out.

Sent to JB
A spectacular time-lapse video of fog in San Francisco, titled "Adrift"

Audio Fog Bank

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fog Bank, July 15, 1023

Hello Weather Brains listeners, you can find the links for the Fog Bank at

My first two picks this week come from Earth Science Picture of the Day.  The first is a roll cloud, and the second is a sun pillar.
ESPOD Roll Cloud over Calgary, Alberta

ESPOD Sun Pillar

On twitter, weatherdan and Jacob Wycoff posted a link to a weather bug camera in Mt. Sequoyah, AR with a microburst  & rain shaft

Jacob Wycoff @4cast4you 10:03 AM
WeatherBug camera in Mt. Sequoyah, AR captured a microburst/rain shaft last night. (h/t @weatherdan)

From WMAZ TV, a short piece about a pregnant woman in Albuquerque being struck by lightning;

I'd been wondering about how analog minimum/maximum thermometers work, so I found a manufacturer that sell them. That comes in as my fifth pick

Thanks for listening .. please follow me on Twitter, @skydaver
With that, skydaver out.

Sent to JB

The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA has a webpage on historical meteorological instruments at their museum

Audio Fog Bank

Monday, July 8, 2013

Fog Bank, July 8, 2013

Hello Weather Brains listeners, this is David Phillips.  You can find the Fog Bank at  Send me your links @skydaver on Twitter

I should have double checked the picture I sent for JB last week.  I was wondering if it was legitimate when I first saw it.

Jim Loznicka @jimwxgator posted a great Florida shelf cloud.
This is a SWEET view of an east coast FLA shelf cloud! RT @vicmicolucci: storms @ Neptune Beach, FL

NOAA Weather Partners had a video about a new tool from NSSL to help emergency responders pinpoint damage immediately after a tornado.

I've got a photo of Noctilucent clouds in Alberta, CA, from

Earth Science Picture of the day with a line of Cirrus clouds

Tis the season for noctilucent clouds … Earth Science Picture of the Day again, from Scotland

Thanks for listening,
Skydaver out.

Pick sent to JB
Jason Samenow, Chief Meteorologist for the Capital Weather Gang has an article about children left in hot cars.

Audio Fog Bank

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fog Bank, July 1, 2013

Hello everyone, this is David Phillips.  I'll have these links at my blog,

First up, The Los Angeles Times had a story about the possible record heat in Death Valley, Sunday, June 30, 2013,0,6477803.story

My second pick is the Astronomy Picture of the Day with a time-lapse video created by Mike Olbinski, showing a supercell thunderstorm over Booker, TX, June 3, 2013

Third, I have a picture of my solution to the problem of birds fouling my CoCoRaHS gauge.  Bamboo cooking skewer cut into short lengths, and taped onto the funnel

APOD again for my fourth pick, with more noctilucent clouds

Finally, another great cloud photo from Earth Science Picture of the Day with iridescent Pileus clouds

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out!

The pick sent to JB:

On Twitter, @EarthPix posted: This is what happens when lightning strikes sand.

Fog Bank Audio

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fog Bank, June 10, 2013

First up,
Earth Science Picture of the Day for May 29 had photos of lightning at the Eiffel tower

Second, The Capital Weather Gang had an article with great photos of super cells in the plains

My third pick is  discussion of the 'without warning' kerfuffle from Sean Sublette, of WSET-TV in Roanoke, VA

Fourth Chuck Prevatte sent a link to a Fox Business interview with Michael Eilts of Weather Decision Technologies, in which the iPhone weather radio app was mentioned.  
I want to know when the Android version will be released?
(Harold Brooks sent me a post; the Android version IS out.  You can find it at the Google Play store. What you cannot find is a link or comment to the Android version.)
Chuck also sent me a comment about Nate's Digital Meteorologist post.  He said I have never storm chased, but at least after 24 years as a tanker, I know to get out of the way of the enemy.

I'll close with an image from the NASA image of the day.   A false color infrared photo of central Oklahoma, showing the track of the Newcastle-Moore tornado

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out.

Audio Fog Bank

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fog Bank, May 27, 2013

The first pick is from the NASA image of the day on May 22 with a MODIS satellite image of the storm that caused the tornado in Moore, OK

Brad Panovich posted a link to a NASA SPoRT blogpost about lightning activity just before the Oklahoma tornados.
I haven't found out yet what the SPoRT acronym means.

I've got the commentary from the NWS office in La Crosse, Wisconsin, about the May 19 storms

From GoogleEarthPics, FIre Rainbows over Kansas

Tornado Titans posted a very nice photo of a supercell on the Oklahoma/Kansas border

The NY Times had an article about the Oklahoma tornados

I found an interactive map that shows before & after aerial pictures of Moore, OK.  You can move the point of view, and find the edges of the tornado's path.

Audio Fog Bank

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fog Bank, May 13, 2013

NOAA sent out a press release on one of the instruments to be places on the GOES-R next generation weather satellites.

Astronomy Picture of the Day (yes … astronomy) had a fantastic picture of a supercell storm from Montana

The National Weather Service office in Pocatello, ID, had a press release on a gust front storm, or gustnado, that occurred there last week

Richard Foreman, @thewxobserver, posted a pic of someone that sort of looks like Nate Johnson

From WDRB, video and story about a massive ice floe coming ashore in Minnesota

Thanks for listening, Skydaver, out

Audio FogBank

Fog Bank, May 6, 2013

My first pick is from Earth Science Picture of the day, showing multiple light pillars in the clouds.

KARE 11 in Minnesota showed a short video of Ice Chandeliering,

NOAA Weather Partners' Severe Weather Blog has a post by Harold Brooks about the tornado numbers over the last 12 months

Fourth pick comes from Kyle Issac, on Google+, with me a link to Nick Kosir, the rapping Weatherman

Chuck Prevatte sent me an article from The Columbian newspaper, in Vancouver, Washington, about weather spotters.

Thanks for listening,
Skydaver out!

Audio Fog Bank

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fog Bank, April 29, 2013

First up, A great photo of a sun halo from (you guessed it) Earth Science Picture of the Day

There was a lot of rain in the South East on Sunday, April 28.  It was enough to keep me off the golf course!  NWS Raleigh posted a picture on Twitter with observed totals.  My home is up in the middle of the numbers in the upper left; I also had 1.38" (I need to see if I qualify to be an observer for that office)

My third pick is the CoCoRaHS blog with a post about that same system, bringing rain to Texas & Tennessee

WeatherBug posted a link to a chart showing snow totals in Colorado this year, remarking on the April numbers, especially.

The best Twitter forecast this morning (April 29) comes from  Bryan McCormick @bmccormick_wx
Pop your collar and wear your favorite brightly-colored spandex pants because the 80s are back in Region 8! #ARwx

If JB doesn't have another pick, he can have this,
The Cryosphere today, a website with a huge amount of information about the polar ice coverage

Thanks for listening, Skydaver Out!

Audio Fog Bank

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fob Bank, April 22, 2013

Hello, fellow weather geeks, this is David Phillips. You can find these picks at

First up is a picture of a 
Hole Punch Cloud & Fallstreak in California, from Earth Science Picture of the Day

Second, WREG TV in Memphis had a nice video of fog over the city, April 5th

My third pick is a weather photography community on Google+ 

Earth Science Picture of the Day makes the FogBank again with another great Aurora photo

Finally, The Warning Decision Training Branch of the National Weather Service has some training modules about Dual Pol Radars, including modules for non-meteorologists

The Fog Bank started because I was feeding picks of the week to JB, and this week is no different.  If he doesn't tell you, just check my blog.
James, no fog horn for JB
Thanks for listening, Skydaver out!

(The pick I sent to JB)
Astronomy Picture of the day with a lenticular cloud near Mt. Hood

Audio Fog Bank

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fog Bank for April 15, 2013

Earth Science Picture of the Day comes through with a great rainbow photo

Brad Panovich tweeted a link to the NWS Milwaukee office, showing the snow cover difference between 2012 & 2013

James, sit on your hands and don't hit the climate change buzzer for this link. I remind you of your own words, look at the science, and decide for yourself. Brad Panovich put a great post on Google+, and linked to a very good article at the Economist.  I think both are worth reading

The UK Met Office has an article about atmospheric research flights

The Weather Channel website posted an article on large hail

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out.

Sent to JB
Earth Science Picture of the Day had a photo of a thunderstorm over Calgary, Alberta.

Audio Fog Bank

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fog Bank, April 1, 2013

From the Capital Weather Gang, a blog post on Confessions of a weather weenie.  At the time of the posting, they were asking for our stories, too

The CoCoRaHS network message of the day for March 12 had a short discussion of CoCoRaHS and the NSLL's PING project

NOAA Weather Partners has a new video from the National Severe Storms Lab about their radar research

Astronomy Picture of the Day for March 26 has a great Aurora photo

I ran across this photo on Twitter under a userid called Scienceporn. I've looked at their postings, and I'm pretty sure they're safe for work, or to show your grandma.  The photo is allegedly sunrise at the north pole, with a new moon.  I'm not certain that the photo hasn't been manipulated, but it is absolutely beautiful, regardless.

Audio for Fog Bank

Fog Bank, March 12, 2013

Chuck Prevatte sent me the Birmingham Wiki page on James Spann, I think you'll enjoy it.
James, is that birthday correct? For some reason, I thought you were a month younger than I am, but it turns out you're 11 months older … you ARE old!

Earth Science Picture of the day with a sun pillar in southwestern illinois

Capital Weather Gang on the quality of the European forecast models

Earth Observatory has some nice photos of the Texas snowfall 

The Number 6 Nationwide Race series team has a highly sophisticated weather station that they keep in their pit.  A picture was sent out on Twitter showing details
(HT to Chuck Prevatte)

Audio for Fog Bank

Fog Bank, March 5, 2013

NASA Earth Observatory has a March Madness contest, voting for one of a set of pairs of earth images.
Check it out has a gallery of Aurora photos; the week of Feb 4 was apparently been very active

NOAA Weatherpartners has a new video of a videosonde balloon launch

WNIN radio in Evansville, IN, had a episode of their show "The Trend", with the subject of Weather Spotters

Another Aurora photo from Astronomy Picture of the Day

Audio Fog Bank

Fog Bank, Feb. 11, 2013

Wow, in addition to missing several FogBanks, I've fallen way behind in posting them here.

Without further ado:

An article about a study using the attenuation of cell phone signal to measure rainfall

The Chief Hydrometeorologist from the UK Met Office writes about flood forecasting

Capital Weather Gang has a Facebook post about a litter of dogs intended to be raised as service dogs for our veterans.
All of the dogs have weather names, included Derecho

Earth Science Picture of the Day, with a lightning strike photo

The website multimedia section featured a GOES-13 image of the Feb 9 Nor'easter

Audio for Fog Bank

Monday, February 11, 2013

Fog Bank, February 4, 2013

My picks for this week:

An article about a study using the attenuation of cell phone signal to measure rainfall

The Chief Hydrometeorologist from the UK Met Office writes about flood forecasting

Capital Weather Gang has a Facebook post about a litter of dogs intended to be raised as service dogs for our veterans.
All of the dogs have weather names, included Derecho

Earth Science Picture of the Day, with a lightning strike photo

The website multimedia section featured a GOES-13 image of the Feb 9 Nor'easter

Audio Fog Bank

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fog Bank, Jan. 28, 2013

A high speed, 3D camera to capture snowflakes as they fall

Snow Rollers in Vermont

Nate had heard of these, but I know these pictures aren't the ones everyone has seen.
I also have the Wikipedia article on them.

Earth Science Picture of the Day had waterspouts in the Mediterranean

The NC Climate office had a nice article about wind chill

Jacob Wycoff posted a great photo
Gravity wave clouds and lake effect snow bands over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast today. (via @NASA MODIS satellite)

Sent to JB
Double rainbows are nice, but how about a triple?  Earth Science Picture of the Day has one

Audio Fog Bank

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fog Bank, Jan. 14, 2013

Hello, Weather Brains Listeners, this is David Phillips, Skydaver on Twitter & Google+.

Mike Moss sent YouTube video of the aftermath of the Grand Rapids, MI, tornado of April 3-5, 1956

Forget fantasy football, this is Fantasy meteorology

A weatherblog, from @stratusstatus, a weather technology company started by two meteorology students,
@arthurnichols and @blakefoust

Mike Moss helps me out again, with a link to the announcement from the NWS Nat'l Center for Environmental Prediction hardware failure of the Model Analysis & Guidance website.

I'll close out with a picture of the Avengers (the actors, that is) spanning
Avengers Spanning

Audio Fog Bank