Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fog Bank, May 29, 2012

I recorded the Fog Bank on Monday, May 28; Weatherbrains took the Memorial Day holiday off, and recorded on Tuesday

First, Some video of the May 9 dust storms in Arizonq, from Mike Olbinsky

The second pick is a Great Wave cloud photo
Another Wave cloud photo this morning #fb @VickiGrafWRDW @wxbrad @RichWeather

The third pick is an article about the Jetstream

Fourth is The view from Norman, OK, Monday, May 28, by Rick Smith @ounwcm

Finally, Panama City Beach, the same night, from Jim Loznicka WJHG, @jimwxgator

May 28 Fog Bank Audio

Fog Bank, May 21, 2012

Yikes, I've fallen behind in posting again.

First up,
From Earth Science Picture of the Day,  a picture of a sun pillar

The second pick is
A report from NOAA on the deployment progress of Dual Polarization Radar

Third, I have
Two lightning photos from Mike Hall, Kentucky Weather

Fourth is a short article by Dr. Greg Forbes on waterspouts

A six image composite photo of lightning in Ottawa, KS!/BDMphoto/status/200688438503145472/photo/1/large

Thanks for listening
Skydaver out.

Fog Bank Audio

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fog Bank, May 14, 2012

Welcome to the Fog Bank, keeping JB fog horn free.  Follow me on Twitter, @skydaver, and circle me on Google+

First up, Bryan Wood sent in an article about Storm chasing from the Columbia, MO, Daily Tribune

The second pick is an article from Wired on ten years of MODIS images from the Aqua satellite.

It includes links to high resolution versions of the images for your downloading pleasure.

The third pick is a video of tornado damage in Nassau, Bahamas

Next up,  a series of pictures showing the green flash at sunset!/alshaymaa1413/status/195475732204498944/photo/1

I'll close out this week with a website, still in demonstration stage, but it looks like it will be interesting.  A 'Young Meteorologist' game:

Thanks for listening, Skydaver, out.

Audio Fog Bank

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fog Bank, May 7, 2012

Welcome to the Fog Bank, rising to the Kevin Selle challenge.

Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to March 10, 2011 (you'll have to listen to the audio to hear Kevin's Challenge.

Here we go.
Pick number one, a Washington Post article about a ribbon in a thunderstorm.

Pick number two is a Twitter picture sent to the @cloudappsoc!/TylerDurden921/status/191571473675206657/photo/1

Pick number three is from the UK Meteorology office with an explanation of lighting and thunder

Pick number four is a blog post from Bryan Wood about the FEMA Disaster declaration process

My fifth pick is from the Twitter account for the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies posted a nice example of overshooting tops and concentric gravity waves radiating outward along the thunderstorm anvil top.  Their Twitter handle is @CIMSS_Satellite

Thanks for listening, Skydaver, out.

Audio Fog Bank

Fog Bank, April 30, 2012

Whoops, I fell behind in my updates.
There was no Fog Bank for April 23; I was travelling.

Hello WeatherBrains listeners, this is the Fog Bank, trying to keep JB fog horn free.  I had sent him a link for April 16, but he wasn't on, and he didn't use it on the 23rd.

Follow me on Twitter, @skydaver, and send me your picks for the Fog Bank.

First up:
From Earth Science Picture of the Day, Glaciating Cirrus Clouds, near Asheville, NC

Second, From the NSSL, an article on their phased array tests this spring

Third, A photo from Mike Hollingshead of a supercell & lightning at a truck stop in Nebraska

A satellite photo posted by Brad Panovich of a rope of clouds along the outflow boundary of a front.

And I'll close out with a entry at Earth Science Picture of the Day,
Fiery Sunset over Cadiz, Spain.

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out!

Audio Fog Bank