Monday, October 21, 2013

Fog Bank, October 21, 2013

Wow, I've fallen behind.  Work & travel have made it tough to keep up with the Kevin Selle challenge.

OTOH, I'm still making the Fog Bank, and Kevin is missing. Come back to WeatherBrains, Kevin!

First up, the
Capital Weather Gang took a detailed look at AccuWeather's 45 day forecast accuracy

My next pick comes from
Garrett Bedebaugh, @wxgarrett on Twitter, from Columbia, SC, posted a photo of a Kelvin-Helmholz cloud

I've got a great lightning photo from Hawaii, posted to Twitter by Aaron Landry, @s4xton Fun to see some lightning this morning. #hiwx cc: @firebomb56 

Jason Samenow posted to the Capital Weather Gang about the mechanics of the storm affecting the MidAtlantic & NE. during the week of Oct. 7

I'll close out with a photo that Matt Sitowski from the Weather Channel put onto Twitter, with some  meteorologist apparel
 @MattSitkowski Yeah #Friday

For JB
The Cloud Appreciation Society retweeted a photo from a scientist in Antarctica, of some altocumulus clouds he saw the other day.
RT @8ryd3n: #altocumulus clouds in Antarctica @CloudAppSoc

Audio Fog Bank