Monday, July 21, 2014

Fog Bank, July 21, 2014

Hello, WeatherBrains Listeners. Send links for the Fog Bank to skydaver on Twitter, and I'll use them, and give credit.

My first pick is NASA's IMAX film, "The Earth" , available on YouTube

From Astronomy Picture of the Day, I have an Aurora photo, for JB.

Summer Solstice Sun Pillars from ESPOD

Red Sprites over New Mexico, from space

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out.

Audio Fog Bank

Monday, July 7, 2014

Fog Bank, July 7, 2014

The holiday schedule got me out of sync, but this was sent in for tonight's WeatherBrains.

I just remembered that I didn't put the audio up. Do people listen to my segment through this blog?

SPOD with a sunset rainbow

From the Severe Weather Forecast office, a story about upgrading the NWS Doppler Radar in Des Moines, IA

NOAA's National Ocean Service has a new video about rip currents

ESPOD, cumulus congestus  clouds

NASA has a picture taken from their ER-2 aircraft (a modified U-2), part of a study about storm formation in the Appalachian mountains

You'll have to scroll down a bit to see the full picture.

Audio Fog Bank

Fog Bank, June 23, 2014

First up, StormGeek @wxSci, posted an article about refining wind scales

ESPOD had a great photo of twin sun dogs

ESPOD again, with All sorts of atmospheric niceties.  Upper tangent arcs, sun dogs, glitter path & a halo.

Space had a couple of GREAT Kelvin-Helmholz cloud photos

The supercell storm of 5/18, in Newcastle, WY, made the Astronomy Picture of the Day for May 21

Fog Bank, June 16, 2014

Yes, June 16. No missing blog updates, just no FogBanks until June 16.

This one is a space picture, from APOD, showing an experiment done during the latest lunar eclipse for April 28 has some nice photos of sun pillars, and sun pillar echoes

APOD again, with a beautiful Aurora picture
and a lunar eclipse timelapse

NOAA Weather Partners posted a video on Solar Activity & Communications

Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences at University of Illinois  HT to Rob H, @rherrin828 on Twitter.

Fog Bank, April 21, 2014

I think my post titles might be coming out of the Department of Redundancy Department, except for the date, since I got so far behind.

There were no Fog Banks between April 2 & April 21.

Great photo on Astronomy Picture of the Day of mammatus clouds

CoCoRaHS has a WeatherTalk Web seminar coming up on May 2. The topic  Aviation Meteorology.
(I'm hopeful the talk was archived for us to see later)

ESPOD, Iridescent Clouds & Contrail

Reed Timmer tweeted a great supercell photo from April 20

AccuWeather has an article about the Great Lakes ice & the effect on spring weather.

Fog Bank, April 2, 2014

I had no FogBank for March 31, but I sent a link for JB. I can't remember whether he was on.

A YouTube video from NWS Norman about them joining the Impact Based Warnings Experiment

The April 2, Fog Bank

Matt Schiess@wxboy sent me
November 17, 2013 Time Lapse Tornado Chase From the great Skip Talbot.

HT to Hurricane Track for this great April 1st story.
Lawmakers develop a solution to global warming

Landon Hampton @WxOrNotBG, has a post on the meaning of the convective outlook. Watch out, Brian Peters, he might be gunning for your Professor Peters segment!

An article in The Verge about Thermodo, a gadget that plugs into the audio port of your smart phone, and tells the ambient temperature. Looks interesting, but kind of expensive at $30. Their webpages don't indicate whether you can track any history of readings from the device, but there is a software developers kit that is available.

Fog Bank, March 24, 2014

Geez, I not only missed many weeks of WeatherBrains, I fell way behind in posting the FogBank links.

Here goes:

Ricky Mathews posted a link to The FIve Best sources for awesome weather graphics

ESPOD, with a photo of a sundog over Lake Superior

NOAA Coastal Services Center has a page on Tsunamis, for Tsunami Awareness Week

Former WeatherBrain participant Dr. Tim Coleman has a blog post showing the sun angle for the
start of spring, compared to the start of winter

Damon Lane@KOCOdamonlane
Days since last severe thunderstorm warning for your area.

For JB
It might be nice to look at some mild weather, so here is the Facebook page for the
NWS Key West office
NWS Key West, FL

Audio Fog Bank at