Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fog Bank, April 29, 2013

First up, A great photo of a sun halo from (you guessed it) Earth Science Picture of the Day

There was a lot of rain in the South East on Sunday, April 28.  It was enough to keep me off the golf course!  NWS Raleigh posted a picture on Twitter with observed totals.  My home is up in the middle of the numbers in the upper left; I also had 1.38" (I need to see if I qualify to be an observer for that office)

My third pick is the CoCoRaHS blog with a post about that same system, bringing rain to Texas & Tennessee

WeatherBug posted a link to a chart showing snow totals in Colorado this year, remarking on the April numbers, especially.

The best Twitter forecast this morning (April 29) comes from  Bryan McCormick @bmccormick_wx
Pop your collar and wear your favorite brightly-colored spandex pants because the 80s are back in Region 8! #ARwx twitpic.com/cmu1wa

If JB doesn't have another pick, he can have this,
The Cryosphere today, a website with a huge amount of information about the polar ice coverage

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fob Bank, April 22, 2013

Hello, fellow weather geeks, this is David Phillips. You can find these picks at skydaver.blogspot.com

First up is a picture of a 
Hole Punch Cloud & Fallstreak in California, from Earth Science Picture of the Day

Second, WREG TV in Memphis had a nice video of fog over the city, April 5th

My third pick is a weather photography community on Google+ 

Earth Science Picture of the Day makes the FogBank again with another great Aurora photo

Finally, The Warning Decision Training Branch of the National Weather Service has some training modules about Dual Pol Radars, including modules for non-meteorologists

The Fog Bank started because I was feeding picks of the week to JB, and this week is no different.  If he doesn't tell you, just check my blog.
James, no fog horn for JB
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(The pick I sent to JB)
Astronomy Picture of the day with a lenticular cloud near Mt. Hood

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Fog Bank for April 15, 2013

Earth Science Picture of the Day comes through with a great rainbow photo

Brad Panovich tweeted a link to the NWS Milwaukee office, showing the snow cover difference between 2012 & 2013

James, sit on your hands and don't hit the climate change buzzer for this link. I remind you of your own words, look at the science, and decide for yourself. Brad Panovich put a great post on Google+, and linked to a very good article at the Economist.  I think both are worth reading

The UK Met Office has an article about atmospheric research flights

The Weather Channel website posted an article on large hail

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Sent to JB
Earth Science Picture of the Day had a photo of a thunderstorm over Calgary, Alberta.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fog Bank, April 1, 2013

From the Capital Weather Gang, a blog post on Confessions of a weather weenie.  At the time of the posting, they were asking for our stories, too

The CoCoRaHS network message of the day for March 12 had a short discussion of CoCoRaHS and the NSLL's PING project

NOAA Weather Partners has a new video from the National Severe Storms Lab about their radar research

Astronomy Picture of the Day for March 26 has a great Aurora photo

I ran across this photo on Twitter under a userid called Scienceporn. I've looked at their postings, and I'm pretty sure they're safe for work, or to show your grandma.  The photo is allegedly sunrise at the north pole, with a new moon.  I'm not certain that the photo hasn't been manipulated, but it is absolutely beautiful, regardless.

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Fog Bank, March 12, 2013

Chuck Prevatte sent me the Birmingham Wiki page on James Spann, I think you'll enjoy it.
James, is that birthday correct? For some reason, I thought you were a month younger than I am, but it turns out you're 11 months older … you ARE old!

Earth Science Picture of the day with a sun pillar in southwestern illinois

Capital Weather Gang on the quality of the European forecast models

Earth Observatory has some nice photos of the Texas snowfall 

The Number 6 Nationwide Race series team has a highly sophisticated weather station that they keep in their pit.  A picture was sent out on Twitter showing details
(HT to Chuck Prevatte)

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Fog Bank, March 5, 2013

NASA Earth Observatory has a March Madness contest, voting for one of a set of pairs of earth images.
Check it out

SpaceWeather.com has a gallery of Aurora photos; the week of Feb 4 was apparently been very active

NOAA Weatherpartners has a new video of a videosonde balloon launch

WNIN radio in Evansville, IN, had a episode of their show "The Trend", with the subject of Weather Spotters

Another Aurora photo from Astronomy Picture of the Day

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Fog Bank, Feb. 11, 2013

Wow, in addition to missing several FogBanks, I've fallen way behind in posting them here.

Without further ado:

An article about a study using the attenuation of cell phone signal to measure rainfall

The Chief Hydrometeorologist from the UK Met Office writes about flood forecasting

Capital Weather Gang has a Facebook post about a litter of dogs intended to be raised as service dogs for our veterans.
All of the dogs have weather names, included Derecho

Earth Science Picture of the Day, with a lightning strike photo

The NASA.gov website multimedia section featured a GOES-13 image of the Feb 9 Nor'easter

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