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Fog Bank, August 27, 2013

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Mike Moss  sent a link of an interview he did with Susan Strom, who passed away in early August.
@spann @nsj @wxhistorian @HelenaWx @SkyDaver Tribute to Susan "Lightning Lady" Strom who died a few days ago

An article from EarthSky on the rainfall in the US Southeast this year.

Storm Geek@hamradioskywave 11:51 AM
Wind force unification scale, "Cade Kinetic Energy Factors": Compares Beaufort, Fujita, and Saffiir-Simpson:

I'll close with a set of different smart phone apps.
Yet another crowd sourcing weather app; this one seems to be a current conditions point of view, but I haven't fully explored it.
The app is called Weezoo. I'll provide the Google Play store link; I think it's also an iPhone app.  I haven't found it to be very engaging or informative.

WeatherCaster, another weather app for your smart phone.  Seems to be pretty good, with a nice main display of information, and a decent drill down.
When I first installed it, the app would crash half the time you brought it up. It does seem to be working better now.

The AccuWeather app is back on my phone.  I'd deleted it a while ago, after perceiving a gross error in current conditions reporting.  In retrospect, if I'm going to declare a weather app a crap app, I need to have specific details.  AccuWeather gets a second chance.  So far, so good.

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From Earth Science Picture of The Day, a great picture of an Alpine Thunderstorm

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fog Bank, August 19, 2013

My first pick this week is from ESPOD Circumhorizon Arc

Capital Weather Gang posted a set of nice pictures of mammatus clouds in the DC area, from Thursday, August 1

back to ESPOD with Crepuscular rays,

Mike Moss sent a link from the Capital Weather Gang, with another good story of lightning sprites.
I think he sent this to Nate, too.

Finally, I subscribe to a forum on risks to the public in computer and related systems.  Paul Fenimore sent in an item about the NWS website.  He wrote:

Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2013 09:23:48 -0600
From: Paul Fenimore <>
Subject: Easter Eggs in Infrastructure Software

The US National Weather Service's website <> returns a
forecast for Manhattan when the location "evil" is searched. Finding rogue
search results for a US Government service that is critical to safety is
concerning enough, but when I tried to make an HTTPS connection to the
National Weather Service's website to verify the "validity" of the results,
I immediately received a warning that the SSL certificate is invalid. The
cert was valid, but for Akami Technologies (07:27:A4:69), and was flagged
for possible hijacking of the connection.  The risks? Farming out important,
probably even critical, parts of the Weather Service's infrastructure with
loss of control or even knowledge of what is going on, the opportunity for
faked connections to, and the introduction of incorrect
behavior into critical code, probably for the sake of a very bad taste

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A great video on Astronomy Picture of the Day, showing Aurora & Noctilucent clouds
If you can send this video to your TV … do it!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Fog Bank, August 12, 2013

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First up,Jason Samenow of the Capital Weather Gang rips AccuWeather to shreds about their 45 day so-called 'forecast'

I had the Accuweather app on my phone, and when it gave current conditions that were totally inaccurate, I removed it.
If they can't get current conditions correct, how can they do 45 days?

Second, had an article about Red Sprites, a very high altitude electrical storms

Third, The WeatherNation Facebook page had a picture of thunderstorms taken from the International Space Station

The next pic came from Karen Nyberg, currently a resident aboard the international space station. She put a picture on Twitter of an clound formation she liked.
Karen L. Nyberg@AstroKarenN 5:50 PM 26 Jul
Never tire of finding shapes in the clouds! These look very botanical to me. Simply perfect. July 26.

I'll close with a picture from the MODIS satellite of cloud streets over the Bering Sea.

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A webpage from a French storm chaser, showing some very nice lightning & cloud photos from a storm on July 26, 2013

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fog Bank, August 5, 2013

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First pick is a bunch of different lightning photos, Capital Weather Gang, Reed Timmer, and the Great Falls and Albequerque offices of the NWS

Capital Weather Gang retweeted a great lightning photo from Kerri Patton@Kerri_lane 11:47 AM
Summer Storm over my home

A composite photo of lightning strikes, from the Great Falls Montana NWS office

Another lightning photo, this one posted on the NWS Albuquerque

Josh Alecci (@aleccijosh) tweeted a link from Reed Timmer of a lightning strike video in very close proximity to the camera

My second pick comes from Anthony Sagliani, a thunderstorm picture from Denver Digital Photography on Facebook.  Anthony wrote "Real, or manipulated?"

That sets up my third  pick, an article from the Capital Weather Gang about false weather photos in social media

Fourth, From the Earth Observatory twitter account, @NASA_EO, a picture from the Terra/MODIS satellite of a dust storm off Africa

I'll close with WeatherBug, and a short essay on Hawaii's relative lack of hurricanes

I guess when they wrote that, they didn't know that TS Flossie hit North Carolina last month, crossed all the way over the continent, managed to stay together over the Rockies, and back into the Pacific, where it was headed towards Hawaii.

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Earth Science Picture of the Day had a photo of waterspouts, plural, in the Adriatic Sea

Audio Fog Bank, August 05, 2013

Fog Bank, July 29, 2013

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Brad Panovic posted a neat twitter update last week. He wrote:
One of my favorite quirks of NC is that the driest & wettest locations are just one county apart

HT to George R. Chisenhall@grcjr for a tweet about
Hurricane Forecast Improvement Program products. Great information for tropical season. He sent that to Nate & me.

Space for July 18 had an entry on the calculated height of noctilucent clouds

A Washington Post article about radar gaps & downtime

What's the smell of rain?  WB guest Aubrey Urbanowicz has the answer in her blog.  It isn't Brian's old socks.

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Capital Weather Gang with a nice explanation of pop up thunderstorms

Audio Fog Bank, July 29