Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fog Bank, March 26, 2012

Hello, WeatherBrains listeners, welcome to the Fog Bank, keeping Weatherbrains fog horn free for JB.

Jesse Ferrell of Accuweather has interesting stuff in his blog, weathermatrix.  On March 15, he shows radar ducting picking up echoes off the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel.

If you ever get tired of Aurora pictures, stop listening to the Fog Bank.  Astronomy Picture of the Day has a very nice one, from Iceland, taken March 17, 2012

An explanation of the marine layer, from the NWS Jetstream website

From the National Severe Storms Laboratory, a background report on the Warn on Forecast project

NASA has an upcoming mission to study very high level jet stream winds.  They will be launching 5 rockets, 5 minutes apart, from Wallops Island, with camera sites watching the plumes from North Carolina and New Jersey.

Send me your picks for the Fog Bank, and send me your pictures of you Spanning, I'll post them in the blog.  We can call it Spanning the Globe.  Here's mine:


Fogbank, March 19, 2012

Sorry for the delay in getting this issue of the Fog Bank uploaded.

Hello, WeatherBrains listeners, welcome to the Fog Bank, keeping Weatherbrains fog horn free for JB.
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Accuweather Folks have tweeted & retreated a link to James Spann's entry on the alabamawx.com blog, about the 10 Deadly Sins of TV Severe Weather Coverage.  Great job, James.

Earth Observatory pictures of the recent eruption of volcano in Kamchatka, Russia

From King5 TV in Seattle, a video of an ominous cloud moving over Bellevue, Washington

A video from CNN of an ice shove coming up on shore of a lake

NWS Chat from the Anchorage office; will Anchorage break their all time snowfall record? I haven't checked to see whether that did happen.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Fog Bank, March 12, 2012

Hello, WeatherBrains listeners, welcome to the Fog Bank, keeping Weatherbrains fog horn free for JB.
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From Earth Science Picture of the day, Twin Waterspouts

Not really atmospheric, but this is really cool. Ice Fingers underwater.

CoCoRaHS has their own March Madness, a drive to get more participants.  They get the third pick this week. If you're not in CoCoRaHS, sign up. If you're in, recruit someone new!

From Accuweather & livescience.com, an article on tornado shelters

I'll close with a blog entry from Jesse Ferrell of Accuweather, about a big Pacific storm approaching the US

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fog Bank for March 7, 2012

WeatherBrains (www.weatherbrains.com) was recorded on Wednesday this week, rather than Monday as normal.

Hello, WeatherBrains listeners, welcome to the Fog Bank, keeping Weatherbrains fog horn free for JB.
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Starting off, from the Washington Post, an article about dual-pol going in at the Baltimore-Washington forecast office

Jaclyn Whittal, a previous WeatherBrains guest, sent out a tweet with a writeup about Canada's winter

My third pick is Accuweather.com article on 5 tornado myths

Angela Butera tweeted a link to Chad Cowan's vimeo account, with a great wall cloud video

I'll close out this week with an
Earth Science Picture of the day for leap day was a great roll cloud, at sea, off the coast of Brazil

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fog Bank for Feb. 27, 2012

Hello Weatherbrains listeners, this week's Fog Bank is in memory of Will Murray.

From Chuck Prevatte, a page from the 21st Operational Weather Squadron.  This is in response to the email question about European weather sources

South Brisbane Storms, on Facebook, posted a great photo of a supercell storm in Australia

Two different user pictures sent to the Weather Channel, first, an anvil cloud in the Gulf of Mexico, second a lenticular cloud in Wyoming.  Thanks to Angela Butera for retweeting those pictures

The Capital Weather Gang had a post on measuring snowfall

The Environmental Visualization Center had a great picture from GOES 15, of ship tracks in the atmosphere

Thanks for listening.  See you next week.