Monday, May 25, 2015

Fog Bank, May 25, 2015

Welcome to the FogBank, keeping Picks of the Week fog horn free for JB.

In early 2011, I got tired of hearing the Fog Horn for JB, and decided to help out. I started sending an email to WeatherBrains with a pick for JB to use. Kevin was email officer at the time, and actually thanked me for the picks once or twice.
In early March of 2011, episode 267 “Pizza in the cold”  he called me out and challenged me to record & send in five picks. I started the Fog Bank, and kept sending in choices to keep the fog horn silent for JB.

I have that history written up now. You can find that, and these picks, at

I’m only going to read out one pick this week, but I have four more at the blog.

The National Hurricane Center has a video about storm surge at their YouTube channel

ESPOD with a double lunar rainbow

ESPOD again, with a viewer’s choice winner, sunrise crepuscular rays at Mt. Rainier for May 17 had a great picture of a solar flare eruption. They also had a very nice photo of red sprite lightning

The Raycom stations in Montgomery, AL, had a blogpost about summer storms

Audio Fog Bank

Fog Bank, May 18, 2015

Hello WeatherBrains listeners. This is David Phillips, @skydaver on Twitter. I was traveling last weekend, attending my son’s wedding.

Many picks this week from ESPOD, starting with a photo of anti crepuscular rays.

Friend of the show Mike Eastwick  @wxMikeD, sent  a story at the BBC about the birth of the weather forecast

From RobH @rherrin828 A link to the NWS Central Illinois Spotter Briefing page

APOD, with an Aurora photo that almost didn’t happen

ESPOD, with a superior mirage on Lake Michigan (see what I did there. Almost Fishel worthy pun)

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out.

Audio Fog Bank