Monday, September 19, 2011

Fogbank, Sept. 19, 2011

Hello WeatherBrains Listeners, this is the Fogbank, listener supplied
picks of the week, keeping Weatherbrains foghorn free for JB.

I'm Dave Phillips, from Winston Salem, NC, skydaver on twitter. Send
me your picks for the Fogbank.

You can find all my picks, and a link for this audio, at my blog,

Since today's Fogbank is being recorded on International Talk Like A Pirate Day, I'll ask what part of a hurricane is a pirate's favorite?
Eye, Matey!

My first pick is a set of weather games & quizzes for kids

Next up, a blogpost from the Capital Weather Gang, an alternative to the Weather Channel

My third pick is from Phil Plait, writer of the Bad Astronomy blog at Discover, has a post about a photo taken from the ISS of the Aurora Australis

Fourth, from WAAY-TV in Huntsville, AL, a story about WeatherFest at UAH.

I'll close with a story from NOAA Climate Services on heavy rainfall & flooding in the Northeast

Thanks for listening
Skydaver, out!

Fogbank Audio

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