Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fogbank, October 10, 2011

Hello WeatherBrains Listeners, this is the Fogbank, listener supplied
picks of the week, keeping Weatherbrains foghorn free for JB.

I'm Dave Phillips, from Winston Salem, NC.   You can follow me on Twitter, @Skydaver, and on Google+, http://gplus.to/skydaver

Pick number one is a short collection of some great weather pictures.  I found these at inspirefirst.com
A short collection of some awesome weather pictures

The second pic comes from the Big Picture.  They have a collection of National Geographic pictures of the year, and many of them are cloud formations and other weather phenomena.

My third pick is two websites showing an interactive map of lightning strikes.  The first is for Europe, and the second is for the US

The fourth pick is from Weatherbrains listener Chuck Prevatte, chuck006 on Twitter.
Chuck sent in a weather page for Joseph, Oregon.

Finally, from the Capital Weather Gang, a post about stacked lightning photos.  These are composite photos of multiple lightning strikes at a single location.

Thanks for listening,
Skydaver, out!

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