Monday, November 7, 2011

Fog Bank, November 7, 2011

Hello, Weatherbrains listeners, and welcome to the Fogbank, keeping Weatherbrains foghorn free for JB.
I'm Dave Phillips, and you can find me on Twitter, @skydaver, and on Google+,

Leading off tonight, a time lapse video from a Weather Channel watcher, of his backyard during the Oct 29th storm.

The second pick is by Dr. Greg Forbes, from the Weather Channel, with an article on the 'Second Season' for tornadoes.

The third pick is from The Capital Weather Gang with their outlook for this winter in DC

Fourth, a website called Aurora Max. They have a live broadcast of the Aurora, from Yellowknife, North West Territories, Canada

Finally, Ben Holcomb has a youtube video of a shelf cloud at Grand Haven, Michigan, 7/18/2010

Thanks for listening,  Skydaver out!

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