Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fog Bank, Dec. 5, 2011

Hello WeatherBrains Listeners, Welcome to the Fog Bank, Picks of the week responding to the Kevin Selle challenge.

I'm Dave Phillips.  I'm on Twitter, http://www.twitter.com/skydaver, and Google+, http://gplus.to/Skydaver

My first pick is from Chuck Prevatte, with link about things being discovered in lakes that have evaporated in the Southwest drought

Brad Panovich blogged about plans for a backyard snowmaker

Bill McMillan, @wxmanbill, and the staff of IndyWx.com, have a weather blog for central Indiana, and this pick is called "The southeast ridge, a love hate relationship"

I never get tired of Aurora pictures, so my fourth pick is two of them, one from SpaceWeather.com, and one from the Astronomy picture of the Day

I'll close with a neat picture on Twitter from Stu Ostro, of the Pineapple Express, a moisture plume running from hawaii to Alaska

Wait, there's a bonus pick:
There will be a total eclipse of the moon on December 10, visible to most of the earth.  If I'm reading the chart correctly, only South America, the far eastern portion of the Caribbean  and part of Africa will not be able to see the eclipse.
The pick is a discussion on the NASA eclipse website, from the Goddard Space Flight Center

If anyone is counting (Kevin Selle), that is seven picks of the week.

Skydaver, out!

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