Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fog Bank for Jan. 10, 2012

Hello WeatherBrains listeners, this is the Fogbank.  I'm Dave Phillips, from Winston Salem, NC.  Follow me on Twitter, @skydaver, or Google+,

First up, the NASA Goddard Space center sent out a link to an interesting shadow of jet contrails on a layer of cirrus clouds

Second, the National Weather Service has a new Twitter feed, @usNWSgov

Chuck Prevatte sent in a link for an online course about community hurricane preparedness

Fourth, from Astronomy Picture of the Day, a picture of a circumhorizon arc, or fire rainbow

Finally, the Capital Weather Gang posted about the difficulties of snow forecasting, and why the forecast for the Jan. 9 snow in DC was so wrong

Tune in next week.

Skydaver, out!

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