Monday, July 16, 2012

Fog Bank, July 16, 2012

Hello, Weatherbrains listeners, this is David Phillips, skydaver on Twitter, with the Fog Bank. Please leave a comment so I know you're reading this.

My first pick comes from the NWS office for Baltimore & Washington, who posted an analysis of the June 29 Derecho

Next, I have a discussion of a severe weather policy for MLB, after the events at the Texas game

Third, Mike Francis, Chief Meteorologist for WXIA, Channel 11 in Atlanta, GA, posted a video about outflow boundaries of thunderstorms.

My fourth pick comes from NOAA Weather Partners with a YouTube video on DualPol Radar

Finally, the CIMSS Satellite Blog has an interesting article titled Mesoscale Convective System exhibiting cloud-top gravity waves and transverse banding

Thanks for listening, Skydaver Out!

Fog Bank Audio

The link I'd sent to JB:

Tim Buckley, @TimBuckleyWX, from Wilmington, NC, posted a great Lightning is Frightning video

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