Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fob Bank, April 22, 2013

Hello, fellow weather geeks, this is David Phillips. You can find these picks at skydaver.blogspot.com

First up is a picture of a 
Hole Punch Cloud & Fallstreak in California, from Earth Science Picture of the Day

Second, WREG TV in Memphis had a nice video of fog over the city, April 5th

My third pick is a weather photography community on Google+ 

Earth Science Picture of the Day makes the FogBank again with another great Aurora photo

Finally, The Warning Decision Training Branch of the National Weather Service has some training modules about Dual Pol Radars, including modules for non-meteorologists

The Fog Bank started because I was feeding picks of the week to JB, and this week is no different.  If he doesn't tell you, just check my blog.
James, no fog horn for JB
Thanks for listening, Skydaver out!

(The pick I sent to JB)
Astronomy Picture of the day with a lenticular cloud near Mt. Hood

Audio Fog Bank

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