Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fog Bank, Dec. 16, 2013

First up, NOAA WeatherPartners uploaded a YouTube video, a weather balloon launch with a GoPro camera onboard

Second, Earth Science picture of the day with a nice roll cloud photo from Norway

Third You have to love the Capital Weather Gang, when they analyze their forecast busts. They were writing about a snow forecast early in December.

Fourth, From the Weather Channel, a story about fog in the Grand Canyon over the Thanksgiving weekend

My fifth pick is the La Crosse Technologies Wireless Weather Station. It's available at one of the warehouse clubs for $80. It has three wireless sensors; an anemometer, a rain gauge & a temperature/humidity sensor. It can be a standalone unit, with a fairly decent display station, or you can install a gateway into your network, and it will make your data available via a webpage. The webpage displays nicely on a smartphone, too.
It doesn't appear to come with software to let you share your data.  It probably isn't as good as some of the higher priced stations, but it does what I want for the price..
The only beef so far I have is with the rain gauge. That sensor is difficult to install because of the placement of the mounting screws, and has to be completely removed from its mount in order to change the batteries.

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out.

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Winter Weather Safety page from NWS Norman

Audio Fog Bank, Dec 16, 2013

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