Monday, July 7, 2014

Fog Bank, April 2, 2014

I had no FogBank for March 31, but I sent a link for JB. I can't remember whether he was on.

A YouTube video from NWS Norman about them joining the Impact Based Warnings Experiment

The April 2, Fog Bank

Matt Schiess@wxboy sent me
November 17, 2013 Time Lapse Tornado Chase From the great Skip Talbot.

HT to Hurricane Track for this great April 1st story.
Lawmakers develop a solution to global warming

Landon Hampton @WxOrNotBG, has a post on the meaning of the convective outlook. Watch out, Brian Peters, he might be gunning for your Professor Peters segment!

An article in The Verge about Thermodo, a gadget that plugs into the audio port of your smart phone, and tells the ambient temperature. Looks interesting, but kind of expensive at $30. Their webpages don't indicate whether you can track any history of readings from the device, but there is a software developers kit that is available.

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