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Fog Bank, August 11, 2014

CoCoRaHS will have a Webinar about Forensic Meteorology. It will be on August 14, available to 500 watchers. They will have it available for viewing August 15. Go to the CoCoRaHS site to sign up, or watch.

Title: Webinar #33 - CoCoRaHS WxTalk: Weather CSI - Forensic Meteorology
Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014
Time: 1:00 PM Eastern, Noon Central, 11:00 AM Mountain, 10:00 AM Pacific

"Television shows featuring detectives who use cutting-edge science to solve crimes are among the most popular programs on television today. But did you know there are weather detectives, too? Certified consulting meteorologists are often called on to help determine the causes of accidents for court cases, and sometimes even solve serious crimes. Any lawyer with a case that has weather as a contributing factor can enlist a forensic meteorologist to help determine whether a particular weather condition was occurring at the time of an accident and what impact it had on the event. In this talk, we will look at the role of meteorologists as expert witnesses and see some examples of the kinds of questions they need to answer in a typical weather- or climate-related case. "
Weather CSI: Forensic Meteorology  You can also go to the CoCoRaHS WeatherTalk page, and scroll down to Webinar #33.

A blog post from Bill Steffen, of WOOD in Grand Rapids Michigan. An upwelling in Lake Michigan caused Water temps in Holland State Park dropped from 63 to 39 degrees in less than 24 hours.  Most of the Great Lakes water temps are colder than they were in 2009

Astronomy picture of the day for July 31 had a photo of noctilucent clouds, taken in Gotland, Sweden

The Univ. of Wisconsin Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies has a web page showing the timeline of satellite meteorology

@Malia_Ama sent me a link to an article from the University of Hawaii on how the Kilauea volcano affected Tropical Storm Flossie, back in July, 2013

Inside the Eye, the official blog of the NHC, with an explanation of an invest

I'll be taking some vacation, so no Fog Bank until September. (I left on August 17th, the day before a WeatherBrains, and came back on Sept. 3, the day after a WeatherBrains.

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out.

Audio Fog Bank

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