Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fog Bank, Dec. 22, 2014

I think WeatherBrains 101 had sun dogs a few weeks ago.; Astronomy Picture of the Day had moon dogs

ESPOD with a nice lenticular cloud formation

CoCoRaHS has announced a number of new webinars:
Webinar #37 - CoCoRaHS WxTalk: Tsunami Science and Tsunami Warning Systems
Date: Thursday, December 4, 2014

Greg Carbin of NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center, with “A Review of Significant Weather Events Occurring in  2014, Thursday Dec. 11

Thursday Jan 22, Simon Trautman, avalanche specialist with the US Forest Service “Avalanches in the US … In a Nutshell”

NOAA Satellites has a Flickr account now

Guy walks into a bar and trailing behind is an old, mangy dog who promptly curls up in a corner and goes to sleep as the guy bellies up to the bar.
Bartender comes over and says "No dogs allowed in here, you'll have to put him outside."

Guy says "You can see he's an old dog. It's cold out there and I take him everywhere. If he can do a trick you like will you let him stay?"

Bartender says "Him do a trick? That I would like to see."

Guy goes up to the dog and yells “Hey, Navy beat Army". The dog's ears immediately come up, he pops up, jumps on the bar, does thirteen back flips, barks out the rhythm of Anchors Aweigh, jumps off the bar and promptly goes back to sleep in the corner.

Bartender says "That really is something - what does he do when Army beats Navy?"

Guy replies: " How would I know, he's just thirteen years old!"

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out!

Audio Fog Bank

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