Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fog Bank, February 9, 2015

Patton Oswalt, an actor & comedian that will be one of “oh, that guy” actors, send out a decent tweet last week “Snowmageddon”, Come on Twitter, we can do better than this. He had a few funny hashtags, and many of the responses were pretty good. My favorite was Ragnorocksalt One or two are NSFW, though.

Cory Mccluskey of Fox10 in Phoenix had a little trouble with the display during his forecast on Jan27, but handled it pretty well.

The ISS Science Director had a story on the use of the Rapid Scatterometer aboard the ISS, and its use during the recent nor’easter

Capital Weather Gang had a great post about the forecast uncertainty for the storm of Jan. 27

The New York Times had a good article about that forecast (I hope it isn't behind a paywall)

Multiple rainbows in Alaska, from ESPOD

Audio Fog Bank

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