Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fog Bank, June 8, 2015

Jen Hendersen’s Weather Safety Daily had a link to FEMA’s Flood Map Service

WSD also linked to Jason Samenow’s post about the sinking of the Chinese ferry on the Yangtze River.

I find it very difficult to believe that a properly designed ship, loaded within its allowable limits, would be capsized by a thunderstorm or even a tornado. I know that it’s far more difficult to determine the strength of a tornado that is over water, but I do know ship’s stability. The few pictures I’ve found of this ship before the capsize show something with a great deal of sail area, and looks a bit top heavy, that is, inadequate stability. Something is amiss.

The weather channel has a story about the 2005 hurricane system

They also have a story about Hurricane Blanca, which might give some badly needed rain to the southwest

Audio Fog Bank

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