Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Fog Bank, Jully 13, 2015

(Geez, I let this slide. I will try to keep this up to date with the WeatherBrains episodes. Holiday schedules threw a monkey wrench into things, too)

First, a public service announcement; if you get an email with an attachment saying it is Kayne West singing Bohemian Rhapsody, don’t open it.
It is Kayne West singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

This week’s Fog Bank all comes from the Capital Weather Gang, mostly from the middle of June, but still good reads.

Capital Weather Gang had a post with some nice pictures of the storms going through the DC area on June 18th

Justin Grieser of the Capital Weather Gang has a post about the summer solstice

Another story from Capital Weather Gang, with photos of severe thunderstorms in the DC area. My son lives in DC, and they’ve been getting pounded.

CWG again, about hurricane force winds from a Derecho in the Midwest.

CWG has a lot of great articles this week. This one is about Aurora sightings in the lower 48

CWG , with an article about fantastic sunsets in the DC area, June 23.

A bonus pick:
The National Severe Storms Lab has an article on their Plains Elevated Convection At Night project.
Of course, that’s not a great name … is it pea-CAN or Pu-con?

Audio Fog Bank

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