Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fog Bank, August 6, 2012

Hello Weather Brains listeners, this is Dave Phillips. Send me your choices for the Fog Bank, I'm Skydaver on Twitter.

First up, WeatherBrains listener Maurice Shamell @moewx, sent a link to NOAA Weather Radar Mosaic testbed

My second pick comes from Earth Science Picture of the Day with a great shot of sun dogs in Northern Arizona

My third pick is a crash course in Texas Weather

Fourth up, the Cloud Appreciation Society wrote on their Facebook page:
Known by nephologists as precipitatio. Known by the rest of us as downpour.
I think Prof. Peters told us about precipitate in a WeatherBrains 101 segment.

I'll close with a link from PetaPixel.com with some stunning photos of storms in the Midwest

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out!

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Audio Fog Bank

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