Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fog Bank, July 15, 1023

Hello Weather Brains listeners, you can find the links for the Fog Bank at skydaver.blogspot.com

My first two picks this week come from Earth Science Picture of the Day.  The first is a roll cloud, and the second is a sun pillar.
ESPOD Roll Cloud over Calgary, Alberta

ESPOD Sun Pillar

On twitter, weatherdan and Jacob Wycoff posted a link to a weather bug camera in Mt. Sequoyah, AR with a microburst  & rain shaft

Jacob Wycoff @4cast4you 10:03 AM
WeatherBug camera in Mt. Sequoyah, AR captured a microburst/rain shaft last night. (h/t @weatherdan) twitpic.com/d229by

From WMAZ TV, a short piece about a pregnant woman in Albuquerque being struck by lightning;

I'd been wondering about how analog minimum/maximum thermometers work, so I found a manufacturer that sell them. That comes in as my fifth pick

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The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA has a webpage on historical meteorological instruments at their museum

Audio Fog Bank

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