Monday, July 8, 2013

Fog Bank, July 8, 2013

Hello Weather Brains listeners, this is David Phillips.  You can find the Fog Bank at  Send me your links @skydaver on Twitter

I should have double checked the picture I sent for JB last week.  I was wondering if it was legitimate when I first saw it.

Jim Loznicka @jimwxgator posted a great Florida shelf cloud.
This is a SWEET view of an east coast FLA shelf cloud! RT @vicmicolucci: storms @ Neptune Beach, FL

NOAA Weather Partners had a video about a new tool from NSSL to help emergency responders pinpoint damage immediately after a tornado.

I've got a photo of Noctilucent clouds in Alberta, CA, from

Earth Science Picture of the day with a line of Cirrus clouds

Tis the season for noctilucent clouds … Earth Science Picture of the Day again, from Scotland

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Pick sent to JB
Jason Samenow, Chief Meteorologist for the Capital Weather Gang has an article about children left in hot cars.

Audio Fog Bank

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