Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fog Bank, August 5, 2013

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First pick is a bunch of different lightning photos, Capital Weather Gang, Reed Timmer, and the Great Falls and Albequerque offices of the NWS

Capital Weather Gang retweeted a great lightning photo from Kerri Patton@Kerri_lane 11:47 AM
Summer Storm over my home pic.twitter.com/DOCTmgtJgc

A composite photo of lightning strikes, from the Great Falls Montana NWS office

Another lightning photo, this one posted on the NWS Albuquerque

Josh Alecci (@aleccijosh) tweeted a link from Reed Timmer of a lightning strike video in very close proximity to the camera

My second pick comes from Anthony Sagliani, a thunderstorm picture from Denver Digital Photography on Facebook.  Anthony wrote "Real, or manipulated?"

That sets up my third  pick, an article from the Capital Weather Gang about false weather photos in social media

Fourth, From the Earth Observatory twitter account, @NASA_EO, a picture from the Terra/MODIS satellite of a dust storm off Africa

I'll close with WeatherBug, and a short essay on Hawaii's relative lack of hurricanes

I guess when they wrote that, they didn't know that TS Flossie hit North Carolina last month, crossed all the way over the continent, managed to stay together over the Rockies, and back into the Pacific, where it was headed towards Hawaii.

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Earth Science Picture of the Day had a photo of waterspouts, plural, in the Adriatic Sea

Audio Fog Bank, August 05, 2013

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