Monday, March 10, 2014

Fog Bank, March 10, 2014

This is Dave Phillips, and you can send me links for the Fog Bank, @skydaver on twitter

First up
Alum of the show, and hopefully still a friend, Ginger Zee, had a user send her a Kelvin-Helmholtz cloud photo from Phoenix:
LOVE KELVIN-HELMHOLTZ  CLOUDS“@IrisABC15: Our viewers take the best pictures. This was from Chico Lopez in Phx:

A new Lightning Imaging Sensor, like the one on the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission satellite, is going to be sent up to the ISS on a SpaceX supply mission. That will be happening in July 2016. There is an article about it at NASA's website

Kyle Mattingly tweeted a link to a Vimeo animation of mPing reports and radar from the March 1-4 storms.
Really awesome, but he must not be a Weatherbrains listener since he didn't send it to us!
Kyle Mattingly@ksmattingly 5:35 PM
Animation of #mPING reports with radar for the recent winter storm: @NSSL @DrShepherd2013 @JimCantore @weatherchannel

@psrman sent a link from Mashable, with a cyclone near Antarctica


NOAA Weather Partners video os Space Weather affects GPS

For JB (repeat from last week, since he wasn't on)
An image from NASA MODIS satellites showing the Great Ice Rinks, or as they're more commonly known, the Great Lakes

Audio Fog Bank

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