Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fog Bank, June 11, 2012

Weather Brains recorded on June 12 this week, as James Spann was pretty busy with severe weather on the 11th.  I did my picks live in the Google hangout, so the script doesn't exactly match.  I do have audio that I'd sent to James, just in case I couldn't make the hangout.  I also had a rant directed at Kevin Selle, wherein I pointed out the great things that can be done (Nate Johnson had his pick of the week up on a screen share)

Hello, WeatherBrains listeners, welcome to the FogBank.  Follow me on Twitter, @skydaver, and help me keep WeatherBrains fog horn free for JB.

Chuck Prevatte sent me a link to MyFoxHurricane.com. He described it as "Good hurricane stuff in one place.  Typically TV Network News Cheesy but some decent information."

Chuck also sent a link to a blogpost by a Washington reporter about potential furloughs at the NWS.

My third pick is from NOAA, with their web page on the Wireless Emergency Alerts

Fourth, Earth Science Picture of the Day had a great springtime Aurora photo

Finally, a tutorial on Dual Pol Radar and Tornadic Debris Signature

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out!

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Chani Norris, @weathertroll on Twitter, had some great photos of a storm at evening

Audio Fog Bank

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