Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fog Bank, June 4, 2012

Geez, I keep forgetting to update the blog with each week's Fog Bank.

Hello Weather Brains listeners, Welcome to the Fog Bank, and the first week of summer.
Send me your choices for Picks of the Week on Twitter, where I am @skydaver.

First up, from the National Hurricane Center, an article on hurricane hazards

The next pic is from the Earth Science Picture of the day, sun halos

Astronomy Picture of the Day had a great picture of the earth taken during the annular solar eclipse

My fourth pick is a graphic showing 56 years of tornado tracks in the US
I think there were many places that had this, but it was sent to me by @newton21989

Finally, from Weather Underground, a great lightning photo from Texas

Thanks for listening, Skydaver out!

Sent to JB
Tornado Titans had a great supercell photo, from Piedmont, OK, May 29

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