Monday, June 18, 2012

Fog Bank, June 18, 2012

Hello Weatherbrains listeners, welcome to the Fog Bank. Send me your items for the Fog Bank on Twitter, where I am @skydaver

My first pick is from the National Weather Service with their Beach Safety Tips online

Second, I have a book recommendation, "Turbulence" by Giles Foden.  A novel of a weatherman involved in the meteorology predictions for D-Day. It's also available on

My third pick is a photo posted by the NWS office in Albequerque, NM,  of an overshooting top as seen from satellite

Fourth, some great mammatus cloud photos from Denver, posted at The Weather Channel

I'll close out with photos of the transit of Venus from Earth Science Picture of the Day

Thanks for listening
Skydaver, out!

Fog Bank Audio

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