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April 18 Fog Bank

I think this is the first Fog Bank where I started using Google's link shortener, Please let me know whether you like it

Hello, WeatherBrains listeners, and welcome to the Fogbank, recorded on the morning of April 18, 2011.

These are listener supplied picks of the week, with the ongoing mission of keeping the foghorn silent for JB.

Before I get into the picks, I would like to ask James if he listened to the Cal Ripken interview.

All of the picks have been run through Google's link shortener, and can be found by adding the string that I'll give to

With all the storms systems we've been talking about, it seems a little odd to speak of drought, but a lot of the US has drought conditions.
The Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln has a drought monitor page:

The US Forest Service Active Fire Mapping Program

April 12 Aurora Gallery from

Respect the polygon, a writeup of a TV meteorologist that some of us have heard a few times:

From the NWS office in San Diego, CA, an experimental Google Maps based storm report
That link is for Raleigh, NC, April 16, but you can select other NWS locations via a pulldown to the right of the map, and you can change the date with a calendar widget on the bottom right (you might have to scroll down to get to that.
The standard Google Maps navigation is available, too.  There are various filters you can apply for specific events, and overlays from the Storm Prediction Center.  I haven't figured out what the overlay selections do, yet.  I also have a link for Birmingham, for the April 11 system, that is at

Ed Matthews, from WFMY in Greensboro NC, talking about severe weather coverage

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