Monday, July 4, 2011

April 25 Fog Bank

Hello, everyone, this is Dave Phillips, @skydaver on Twitter, bringing you the Fog Bank for April 25th, 2011

I've sent out all these picks on Twitter, and I use Google's link shortener, so I can give them to you here.

The National Data Buoy Center deploys the first operational wave glider buoy.  The wave glider uses the motion of the waves to provide thrust, and gives station keeping ability to a non-tethered buoy.

I ran across a storm chaser blog called 'Eye of the Storm' by Greg Nordstrom. He's on Twitter @GregNordstrom

A short weather podcast, from Weather Partners at the NWS in Normam OK.  The episode is about weather balloons, and there is a transcript on the site.  They can do that since it's only a couple of minutes long, and scripted.

Amy Sweezy, meteorologist from WESH in Orlando, FL, @AmySweezy retweeted a picture of dew points in New Mexico. @IanMSchwarz posted it originally, and you can get his twitter ID from the picture. I suppose that technically, they are dewpoints, but there isn't much dew going on there.
back when I was skydiving, we'd occasionally get very low humidity days in NC, and we called them 'severe clear'. The ground would seem to start rushing up at you at much higher altitudes than normal.

I'll close with the Iowa State Mesonet reports from North Carolina NWS Offices,CAE,RAH,ILM,MHX,RNK,AKQ/201104150400/201104170127/0100

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