Monday, July 4, 2011

June 27

All caught up now.  New Fog Banks will be posted after the WeatherBrains podcast goes up on iTunes.
I hope you enjoy the Fog Bank. Please send me your picks to include.

Hello everyone, welcome to the Fogbank, listener supplied picks of the week. I'm Dave Phillips, Skydaver on Twitter.

From AccuWeather - Does Lightning Strike Men or Women More Often

The current road conditions on the Going-to-the-Sun road. the central section is still closed due to snow, and there are large amounts of snow in the park, with the potential for large scale avalanches

From the Capital Weather Gang, in Washington DC, an article on Lightning Safety Week and survival stories

RIck Smith, the Norman OK WCM, @ounwcm, twittered that NWS Director Jack Hayes is now on Twitter. @JackatNWS

The NWS page for Point Barrow, AK
Gotta love the hours of daylight right now.

A bonus pick for this week,
Chuck Prevatte, @chuck006, sends a story from Huffposttech.  "Optimistic Weather App" Lies To You About Tomorrow's Weather

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