Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25 Fog Bank

Hello everyone and welcome to the Fog Bank, keeping WeatherBrains fog horn free for JB.

I'm Dave Phillips, skydaver on Twitter.  You can find all of my picks on my Fog Bank blog

Last week I tried a music into to the Fogbank; that sounded a lot better in the podcast than it did live, which I suspect was thanks to some post production work by James. I don't think it added anything, so I won't be trying that for a while.  Onto the picks.

From Chuck Prevatte, @chuck006, weathermole. There isn't much information on the site about what it is, or who is making it, but it seems to put weather service grids onto a Google maps display.

NASA is often good for a great pick, this week I've got an Earth Observatory picture of dust plumes over the Red Sea
Red Sea satellite picture

Capital Weather Gang on the heat of mid July
Capital Weather Gang Mid July heat and humidity

@IanMSchwarz posted a viewer picture of lightning in Albequeque from July 24

I'll close out with a youtube music video, called "Rain", by Steve "Smooth Thunder" Cole

Skydaver out.

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