Monday, July 4, 2011

June 6 Fog Bank

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Fogbank, the response to a challenge from Kevin Selle, to provide a pick of the week for each of the WeatherBrains. I'm Dave Phillips, skydaver on Twitter.  Send me your weather picks to include in the Fogbank

First up, METED has released more new educational modules, two in their Volcanism series, and one about Sea Ice and the products of the National Ice Center.  That's at, and you can get on the mailing list for notifications at

Jeff Master's had a blog post about the need for investing in better tornado warningswith excerpts from a press release from the NWS Employees Organization.

The NSSL has a survey about weather warnings.  This is for non-meteorologists or storm chasers
If you are NOT a meteorologist or storm chaser, take the survey at

NWS Public Information Statement on use of Twitter.

I'll close out with two picks related to the start of hurricane season in the Atlantic:

This is little more old-fashioned, at least in modern social media terms, you can sign up for email lists from the Nat'l Hurricane Center

The National Hurricane Center, Atlantic, is on Twitter, @NHC_Atlantic

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