Monday, July 4, 2011

March 21 Fog Bank

I don't think I'd come up with the Fog Bank label yet.  This was my second submission; James played this and the March 14 submission on the same show.

I'm still looking for an easy pay to post the audio, but it may not be worth it, as you can always go back to the Weather Brains site to listen

NWS Flood Safety Week

NWS Significant Flood Outlook

A view of all the world's clouds, updated from three sources. It also shows the day/night terminus; near the equinox, the terminus is nearly vertical

A newspaper article from the Louisville KY Courier Journal, written by Joe Sullivan, NWS WCM for Louisville, on surviving severe weather

March 10 Storm, captured by NASA AIRS instrument (NHC Facebook page)

National Buoy Data Center (already done by Brian Peters)

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