Monday, July 4, 2011

May 27 Fog Bank

Another new module from METED, Applications for Emergency Decision Support
You do have to register with METED, but it's free.

Matthew East, meteorologist for Time Warner Cable in NC, with a blogpost about the severe storm threat for April 27

Another river flooding product; I wish I remembered who sent it to me so I could give credit.  This one is for North Carolina rivers.

This is the main page for the 'Snotel' graph from a previous FogBank.  I'll give the name of the facility, but James has to keep his hand off the buzzer for a few seconds. It is the National Water & Climate Center of the USDA.  All sorts of different maps, reports.

The American Red Cross 'Safe and Well' website, where you can register yourself as safe & well, and look up folks that have done so
Thanks to Chuck Prevatte, Chuck006 on Twitter, for that link

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