Monday, July 4, 2011

May 9 Fog Bank

Welcome to the Fog Bank, a listener segment dedicated to no horn for JB.  I'm Dave Phillips, from Winston Salem NC, @skydaver on Twitter.  This is recorded on May 9, 2011. Use Google's link shortener,, for all links, except as noted.

I want to express my deepest sympathies & best wishes to all those affected by the recent tornados, and the flooding in the midwest.

First up is the info for Weatherbrains friend & supporter, Mike Wilhelm.  His blog is, his Facebook page is, and his Twitter handle is, you guessed it … @bamawx

Next up, All Weather Talk Radio, 670 The Storm

The USAF 403rd Wing: Hurricane Hunters & Flying Jennys, is on Twitter, @403PA, and you can get to their web page

Charles Prevatte, @chuck06, sent in  WeatherBytes - a smart phone app & webpage

I've got some links related to the April 27 tornado outbreak.

First, Lost Remote has another great article on James Spann, and his use of Twitter.  I'm sure we've all seen what he's doing, and I think you'll like this article.  Great job, James.

From NASA Earth Observatory, a satellite image of the April 27 tornado track

Finally, Mike Wilhelm sent a Twitter update with a link to the Hunstville Times op-ed piece by Chris Darden, of the NWS Huntsville office

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