Monday, July 4, 2011

Fog Bank for April 4

Looks like this is the first segment that I named as "The Fog Bank". I started writing a script to follow, so that I'd stumble less as I went through them.  I'm not a media pro like the Weather Brains, and have trouble making a smooth delivery.

Welcome to the Fog Bank, a listener segment dedicated to keeping the fog horn quiet for JB's picks.  I'm Dave Phillips, from Winston Salem NC.

First up, a March 9th story from NASA NASA Satellites busy with this weeks severe weather

Next, the NWS Fairbanks, AK office

Staying in the northern latitudes, the Aurora Borealis Forecast

There was a bunch of severe weather in Florida on March 31, and my fourth pick is several Twitter update pictures.

from NASAKennedy, also March 31st
An ominous thunderstorm cloud hovers over the Vehicle Assembly Building.
James had this on the albamawx weather blog, too.

Brad Panovich's Twitter updates from March 31st storms around Tampa
I know it's Florida but just WOW! that is a crazy strong signature of a tornado near Tampa. #flwx #tornado

Tampa, FL better seek shelter now that is a serious storm with major rotation #flwx #tornado

WOW that storm near Pinellas as a wicked RFD on it! #flwx #tornado

Finally, On April 1, 1960, 50 years ago, the first weather satellite, TIROS-1, was launched.
No foolin'.

If you want to join the No Horn for JB club, post your weather picks to Twitter, and put my Twitter id, @Skydaver, into a mention.

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